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Over 250 seminars, meetings and conferences in one educational year with over 2000 guests with a political background specifically with the orientation of the world economic forum, in which strategies are prepared and carried out professionally. Political and international administrative tasks also have to be dealt with in-house, and contacts with the speakers have to be maintained and expanded. The team of lecturers at the educational institution is responsible for this. The main tasks are divided into internal specific political thematic areas.

“The personal contact and direct feedback from our participants is the best thing about our work,” was the unanimous opinion of the Israeli Central Council.

Corporate Seminars

Partner companies of different sizes speak regularly about the political development of their regions. The employees can be enrolled in our personal executive seminars.

Valonia trains professionals who focus on holistic leadership practices that address political and business challenges from different angles. Our corporate curriculum places a high value on a learning experience that helps professionals improve their current knowledge and skills and use them at political banquets, enabling them to operate effectively in an ever-changing and increasingly complex world.

Valonia's corporate seminars give participants personal lessons that change not only their political professional skills, but also their beliefs and approach to the world of business in general. We and our teams work together to improve the way companies think about business and politics while providing them with tools and insights that help with current and future organizational challenges. Our partner companies and teams are taught how to deal with real problems and challenges in politics and business through the lens of positive change and belief. Valonia offers internal company seminars for employees of international partner companies and employees of different industries, sizes and political views.

Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, no seminars are currently being held

Our Mission

“To be the protector of the welfare and security of the whole world; to strengthen the principles of pluralism as the best defense against narrow-mindedness worldwide and to improve the quality of Jewish life by ensuring the continued existence and deepening of ties between companies in all countries. "


Corperate Success Stories

Securing long-term results is one of the core tasks of entrepreneurship. As participants in the WEF, the board members are required to constantly deal with political trends relevant to success and need a keen sense of innovation. Continuing education is, therefore, an indispensable duty for them.

Ari Rosenblatt

Political expertise is a key success factor for the international financial center. With our offer we help to strengthen competencies and opinions and to network political knowledge.

Salomon Mandelbaum

The Valonia seminars are characterized by the fact that, in addition to technical inputs, direct exchange with the speakers and participants is maintained. These important contacts make it possible to jointly discuss exciting topics on political events after the seminar.

Nathan Cohen

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